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For the English having just moved to Spain it can be a daunting task to find and negotiate the purchase of a left hand drive or Spanish registered car ... ..... Hopefully we can make this task a little easier!!

Generally speaking, cars for sale by the Spanish in Spain tend to be more expensive than the equivalent car you could buy in the UK. However, there are always a lot of better priced left hand drive cars for sale privately by the English speaking community and by several English car dealers located mainly in the coastal regions of Spain, so a browse through your local English language newspaper should provide you with some good leads.

However, there are other options.

Option 1.

There are always LHD, Spanish registered cars available in the UK that have been brought back by somebody returning permanently. If you plan ahead you may well be able to find a suitable car for sale either by a specialist UK left hand drive car dealer, or for sale on an auction site like Ebay where you might just be lucky enough to pick up a bargain!!

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Left Hand Drive Car For Sale


Option 2.

Many English people in Spain like to sell their cars on the Spanish version Ebay website. Plus if your Spanish is OK or you can enlist the help of a translator there are also many cars advertised by Spanish sellers.

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LHD Seat Ibiza For Sale in Spain


Option 3.

Bring your own English registered LHD or RHD car & re-register it in Spain. This is perfectly possible, but you will have to prove that you have owned it a minimum of six months prior to moving to Spain. The cost is high & complicated to the point you will need to employ a gestor to take care of all the documentation involved. After the documentation is completed the car will have to pass the equivalent of an MOT to finalise the registration.

Buying and Registering Cars in Spain


General Tips for Owning & Running a Car in Spain

If you are bringing your own car to Spain you must be careful to check that the car has European registration documents in order to avoid paying 10% customs duties on the value of the car. For example, cars registered in Switzerland, Andorra and imports from non European countries that still have the original documents will be subject to customs duties.

Note!! if you are going to use your right hand drive car in Spain, you will need to change your headlights immediately. It is not permitted to put deflector strips on your existing lights, you can be stopped & fined if seen.

Classic cars over 30 years old can be registered in Spain and will also be subject to the same customs regulations as above at the time of registration, but when you have all the new Spanish documents in order you can apply for the refund of the 10% customs duties.

To be road legal in Spain a Spanish registered car must always carry the original or good copies of the registration documents, ITV document (similar to MOT in UK) and the insurance cover note / policy.

The seller of a car you buy in Spain must provide you with the registration & ITV (MOT) documents along with a signed bill of sale, a copy of his passport or Spanish NIE, and a receipt from his local town hall in Spain (Ayuntamiento) to show that road tax payments are up to date, these must be up to date in order for you to transfer ownership to your name & avoid having to pay the taxes yourself.


We Supply Spare Parts for your Car!!

Car parts in Spain can be very expensive if you have to purchase them through a repair garage or main dealer, this in addition to understanding the Spanish language in relation to parts identification can make things difficult for those without any mechanical experience in Spain.

Most local repair garages in Spain are happy for you to take your own parts to be fitted by them and of course there are many jobs that can be done by a lot of people at home. To facilitate this we can supply quality parts for most vehicles for much less than normal retail prices in Spain.

Simply send us an e.mail with make / model / year of your car & parts needed & we will send you a no obligation quote.

Car Parts in Spain

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